basil is no clown


in a world of common clownery
abstractly tossed tomfoolery
a desperate bid for scenery
that turns it all to remedy
And here stands Basil…


(First post, seems like a lifetime ago)

26 thoughts on “basil is no clown

    • Oh my gosh, you are so generous! Thank you!
      And I was just going to write to you…was just chatting with your friend Davy D about your ‘back side of the night’…Charles invited me to join in. Anyway, I was re reading a poem from a couple months ago I could rework to fit it, but wondered if mostly pre written is okay?


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    • Ah yes, the million dollar questions in life.
      I am happy to say that he was most definitely a donkey. I love donkeys. He was beautiful, and wise and sweet and patient. And obviously photogenic. And I am so intrigued by the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on one as well. Look at the humble profundity in its eyes 🙂 Well, if this were a better photo you would see it.
      haha thanks so much for visiting this spot Davy!

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