Post Vocalic Stress Disorder

lake bonney

Disorders. We all have them. One of mine is that I am an Australian married to an American. I kid you not. The exact nature of this disorder is a conversation for another time.

So we met at the seminary he was attending a few (cough) 20+ years ago, and what ensued were years of discussing the ‘problem’ Australians have with pronouncing post vocalic ‘Rs’. To say we are still in pretty intense negotiations over this, well…

But it seems, the whole world is suffering from PTSD.
And yet, we continue discussing things that don’t matter quite as much… like PVSD. (Especially because we know I’m right about PVSD…)

So really, Basil, my blog instigator, is about balance. Or, at least, one of the things he is about.




  1. Do you think living with an American – oops, being married to – will help with the language problems or make them worse ? I have trouble with the Irish. The one next door has been there for over 40 years and I stil have to ask “pardon?” far too often…

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    1. The differences sneaked up on me…it’s easy to think Australia and the US are very similar but they’re quite different in a number of ways…it’s the nuances that get you, if the differences were really obvious it would be easier, if you know what I mean? So even after 20 years I still wonder sometimes if I get what he’s saying! Or maybe that’s normal marriage! Haha

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      1. I’d say that’s normal marriage! But I know what you mean about the differences. When I was in boarding school for a couple of years we had American kids there – I was quite taken aback (at all of 16/17) at how conservative they were !!

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        1. Normal marriage I’m sure lol.
          Yes, that’s interesting isn’t it? I was too, I found it quite charming actually, I mean growing up on American TV I was so surprised to discover they hardly swore, and the guys were so respectful and didn’t seem to need (a lot of) alcohol to connect with each other. At least that was my experience, it depended where of course. But I put my foot in it a number of times because of swearing haha. It was a good experience living there and analysing our differences, and being more mindful of honing communication skills.

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  2. You know, it’s funny you wrote about everyone having PTSD, I literally just said that to a friend a few days ago. Either I attract the same time of person in my life over and over, or everyone seriously has issues anymore. To your point, it’s seemingly easier to discuss non-issues then actual issues; I’ve realized lately it gets overwhelming and depressing when you think about all the problems you have no solution to.

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    1. This could be a long conversation 🙂 but I have to go. I agree, though, there has to be balance. You can’t let these things overwhelm you. Plus, good things do happen, it just doesn’t make the news as much, right?!

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  3. Very interesting! It’s hard to maintain a balance the way things are in the world and I’m sure that it’s impossible to ride it without impact – but I know that I trying very hard to just keep a low profile so at least some of it washes over me.

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    1. And I remind myself that there are a lot of good things that don’t make the news. I see amazing acts of love and kindness all the time, and they are just ordinary people in their ordinary lives. WP is a lovely place, I believe, for support and encouragement 🙂

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  4. Ha .. nice one! I hope you have been able to put your foot down and continue to pronounce your “R’s like a part of your tongue is paralyzed. Stand tall!
    I hate to admit it, but after 18 years straight here now I have crossed over to the “dark side” of R pronunciation. I may need a therapist to help me back to the pronunciations of my youth!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, 😀 but I also confess…when we were in the States, I worked in a preschool and I did get tired of the way the kids had trouble understanding what I said, so I had to change some of my pronunciation. The R thing kind of stuck with certain words, but not with others for some reason. I am happy to say that hubby has picked up a little of an accent our way since moving here 🎉🎈

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