What does this c(h)ord do?

I didn’t even realise until my grandfather’s funeral. The first funeral of someone close to me. That so much of the time we just aren’t paying attention.

So we watched him being lowered into the ground.
It’s overwhelming isn’t it? That kind of grief.
And now you are hearing and seeing things you never heard before.
Right when you think the world should stop.

Now thanks to this artist I love, releasing this album at this time because of the loss of his child, I time travelled right back to that graveside. And all the other gravesides.

I have been to many funerals. My husband is a pastor. I have had the indescribable privilege of being at a few death beds. There is so much that I could write about. But there are already many words. And this trailer expresses some of it just perfectly.



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    This was lovely. I have also been at one death bed. I have a special song called “in the morning” that speaks to me. Nice work


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      I am happy for you you had that chance. It’s truly profound isn’t It? Everything is stripped away. It’s devastating, and beautiful, and sobering, and core shaking but I would not change the experiences I’ve had for anything either. One of the most intimate ones I’ve had was for a dear elderly friend who was dictating his memoirs to me for his family. So he told me these wonderful stories even his family didn’t know. He died before we finished. It was heart breaking. But his family was so grateful we had done it, even though it took a lot of coaxing as he thought his life was too mundane. No such thing, right?😊 I tell everyone now to write their stories before it’s too late.

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    So, my friend, if you have been following along with my National posts you know my favorite band. At some point those posts will end, and I will need a new artist to explore. Nick Cave would make a great choice as he is probably the one artist who could push the National off the stage for me. If I had to choose between the two on one night… DAMN if that wouldn’t be the hardest.

    SO, then we have this album, one of the single most powerful pieces of art to be released last year and perhaps in a really long time. His courage to make this album inspires, to face the emotions we would all deem unbearable and to produce an art that we can bring with us when we face our own grief. My dad passed away last year and this album remains a tough one for me to really embrace because of how it reflects back upon me. Perhaps I will face my own courage and after The National will begin a Nick Cave series and confront those emotions.

    May you have peace for your loss, may your peace be a source of strength for us. THIS is why digging into back catalogs MATTERS SO MUCH! Thank you.

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      How serendipitous this all is…today I went to the funeral of the father of my closest childhood friend. ‘Grey’s End’ is about him, as well as “choirs of stars appearing”.
      I’m so sorry to hear about your father!
      And I agree about Nick Cave, how courageous he is, and that a lot of the album was actually written before his son’s death, apparently. Very eerie.
      The daughter in law of my friend whose funeral was today, is also from the teeny town Nick grew up in. I have done another post in his honour as well, inspired by a Howl Davies poem, https://saynotoclowns.wordpress.com/2017/02/04/dont-touch-me/
      If you have never seen him live, I can’t recommend it enough. I want to see the ‘documentary’ released last year, what a fabulous idea, instead of doing interviews about their tragedy!
      I really appreciate you taking the time here! 🙂

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        I totally wanted to swing down to Australia when he played there earlier this year. I can only imagine the passion he put into those performances. Stunning. I do think Nick will have to follow the National… he deserves a good deep listen!

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