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days by numbers

I so love Steve’s work!

inconstant light

storied glass and steel

Three ghosts are in the hall. On the cable
internet outside, two currawongs are pecking,
but the mysteries of past and present,
of calendars, dates and numbers are best
left for numerical processors.

When time was thick and sweet and I couldn’t breathe,
when you wept and left me wondering,
when the blue of clouds and day was painted
on the land to resist the night’s temptations,
I could start six lines and finish them,
know what I’d just said and order wine.

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An Audacious Conclusion —

An Audacious Conclusion

I consider this a poetic match made in heaven, 2 of my favourite bloggers.

Ward Clever

Deep in the past
Buried in dusty boxes stored in barren stark hallways
Seldom darkened even in dreamland visits during the restless sleep of the wee hours
A thought, an idea is kept hidden inside myself

Long since forgotten, a musing encased in a penumbra
I lose footing in my established pace and stumble across it once more
Witnessing the frayed edges, imagining its brittle texture, believing it to be a woven gossamer of fragility
Accompanying the dismaying angst of losing it once more

Struggling to assemble the diaphanous fibers
I scarcely remember its provenance, its dark rich terroir
The landscape under which this vulnerable notion had been interred
Inundated with saline emotions, upending my euphoric anchor

With the conclusion held gingerly in outstretched arms
For a panoramic illustration
The dawning begins, full of growing enlightenment like a serpentine vine
An earnest warmth of efflorescent discernment quiets a discord


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Was astonished by this so I wanted to share. Not sure it’s possible to add any comment. Such elegantly articulated wisdom.

Poesy plus Polemics

vicissitudes “Vicissitudes” by Delia Dante

was a time
youthful calculus
plotted the changes
of infinitesimals
bent to the influent
arcs of trajectory
functional points
differentially aimed
at a future
some semblance of
private success

was a time
before octadic bits
became bytes
of electrons
when slide-rules
were moved
by an analog mind
with derivative
notions of
how to conduce
a pragmatic
perfectible life

was a time
of naïve disposition
unwary that life
has its own
independent volition
it moves along
unforeseen paths
unexpected directions
unknown destinations
its integral quotients
converging in
arrant surprise

was a time
many miles many years
of organic mathematics
divide the incipient
dream from its destiny
tangent adventures
oblique with
vicissitudes exercised
muscles of character
standing a man
the boy never
could know

now is time
for brash inverse
of theorem
for certainty summed
by survival of scars
earned contentment
despite analytics
a fortune of memories

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