1. Well done. I can see Heal, sitting at the piano, perhaps a bit envious of Pervention who just signed a three-album deal. (Yeah, I’m dating myself. But vinyl’s back. So maybe I’m bushy-bearded, fedora-doffing hipster writing on an IBM Selectric typewriter powered by a stationary unicycle power supply. So there!)

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  2. So I scoured a number of unicycle fora and came away with two conclusions.

    1. I’m ahead of my time.
    2. Considering the singular nature of unicycling, unicyclists are a chatty bunch.

    Finally, I hope my stream o’ consciousness original comment wasn’t construed as minimizing your lovely poem. I truly enjoyed it.

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    1. No, not at all.
      And I’ve been thinking that maybe Prevention might not, in fact, get that record deal ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, might have got far in the negotiating but then found the demand wasn’t there lol ah humans…that could be a great conversation that I don’t have time for right now unfortunately…thanks for stopping by!

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hi. friendly banter is always welcome.

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