8 thoughts on “‘just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you…’

  1. I’m laughing as I listen on headphones in the middle of a crowded coffee shop and type this I’m laughing because Nirvana (the band) is the antithesis of what I had been listening to before coming to your blog.

    I was listening to a rather mellow playlist and was in the middle of “(There is) No Greater Love” as performed by the late great Amy Winehouse.

    Two bookends on the same shelf?

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    • Haha I LOVE your comment, I’m picturing the scene, fantastic! Also because Kurt Cobain had such an awesome sense of humour and I tend to have a wink in my eye a lot. Sometimes it’s involuntary…so I should probably put a general apology out to the world lol. This blogging thing has been so good for me to start taking seriously the things that need to be, but then I needed this moment 🙂


hi. friendly banter is always welcome.

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