unseasoning the season

The immutable reality of change

the longing to keep “before” in range

it’s cratered the cortex of my being

and reverse refracted all my seeing

my inner core blinded by the white

lasering the absence on my sight

the snow in sympathetic silence

weakening the contrast in my blindness

reaching for the knowing of the past

the sewing pain of beauty will not last

or the hope is, it will, in fact, diminish

and these lines, for now, remain unfinished…


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    Wow, I really love the rhyme scheme you chose to go with on this piece. It reads so easily, and the voice you use in the poem is gentle and soothing. Very nicely done!

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    1. Reply

      Thanks Rob! I really appreciate the feedback!
      I’m so drawn to free verse normally, because it often suits my random thoughts I try to organise somewhat, but this came more like a song from my heart. Something I can’t let go of, I don’t want to let go of, but I know I have to. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

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        1. Reply

          That is my hope. But honestly, there are some things so indelibly printed, I feel like it’s more about acceptance. I don’t know…you think you have some things figured out then wham! ๐Ÿ™‚

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            I hear you on that one. That’s why I used the bandaid analogy: although the bandaid heals the wound, there will always be the scar as a constant reminder. You are spot on with the acceptance piece. That’s the key.

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            1. Reply

              I was going to ask about the bandaid, I’m so used to misunderstandings just because of cultural nuances, I thought maybe you meant it as a cynical joke. It did actually make me laugh. I don’t expect complete healing, and I don’t want it…I do want a scar ๐Ÿ™‚

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              1. Reply

                Well, you clearly have one of those. And no, I would never be cynical when it comes to your valid emotions…ever.


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