for Mary Beth

my dear friend

my old friend

my forever friend

so happy we reconnected

and friendship should always be celebrated (didn’t expect this did you? Ha. Gotcha. Plus, I always liked this song! Just thought of it today after we parted. Girl, how you make me laugh.)

Above all those others, keep flying…  ❤

(ah synchronicity, I just realised I wrote a poem about a family member with some of this imagery and I’ve never seen this video before. there’s no snow in our snow globe (part one) )

11 thoughts on “for Mary Beth

  1. The video was so appropriate as I think I cried a river watching it, reading this, and for the days and hours since because of your authentic goodness and loving spirit we so need more of in this world, I know I am forever changed by your friendship, kindness, and love. Bless you my forever friend! ; ) sometimes there just aren’t adequate words to express, but you are loved more than any word can adequately describe and thank you for all your efforts, kindness and generosity.


hi. friendly banter is always welcome.

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