redolent of something

I’m wondering if you could lift your shoe for a moment

I’d like to scrape off that thing I said

I always thought you filled your space so elegantly

I see all my lines are starting with ‘I’

I know I’ve read something about that and

I should probably take some time now and overanalyse it and obsess

I digress

I’d like to try and salvage it but maybe that’s futile

And wait, did you say you got them half price?

Ugh, you know I’m easily distracted…



      1. Reply

        I laugh at myself and veryone else does too. You’re in good company? I’m not sure that fits right there but. I put it there lol


  1. Reply

    A trip through your thoughts, but did you want to take it back, or did they step on it to begin with?


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