Anything For Love

I just can’t not share this. Although, he is more noble than I, I would probably draw a line at Steel Magnolias and Twilight and Kanye and anything to do with Meatloaf…
Just a warning, be in a laugh safe space ๐Ÿ™‚

Ward Clever

I like love. I love love. I am in love with liking love, and in love with loving love. For the love I love to love so much, I would love doing things for that love. First, I would love if there was trial-sized love โ€“ just a little love for when Iโ€™m out and need some love. Maybe bite-sized love. Family-sized love might be too much love for me to love all at once right now. I am not yet a complete love master. I am a love journeyman, carrying love from here to there, from hither to yon, even though I have no idea where these places are or where to find them on Google Maps or Love Cartographers. For love, I would love the very essence of love itself, and through loving love, I would at last be loved by love.

For love, I would Zamboni Siberiaโ€ฆ

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