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I Liked Your Poem — February 28, 2017

I Liked Your Poem

This brought me to my heart’s knees! For those of you who haven’t read it yet, this is how I feel about WordPress. Thank you for these divine words, Mark.

my miscellaneous thoughts and creativity

You were born, my god.

One day you learned the sounds,

you vocalized your need.

You grew, you played, you fell.

You wrote curvy words in school.

Something happened, maybe once.

It may have been chronic,

it may have been enough

to change you forever.

It may have been enough

to push you off the edge.

You may have seen the blood,

you may have kissed

a cold face, for the last time.

You may have offered everything,

you may have emptied yourself.

And there you stood

with the tangled mess

of imaginary paths and

muddled memories, consuming you.

Your anguish was killing you,

but your face buried it alive.

You were numb.

But, you were born again, my love.

One day, a soul sat by you, and

cracked your shell.

Another clenched your mind.

Later, another ravaged your pain.

Such succulent words they devised.

You were not alone.


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dream in my nightmare —
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keeping score — February 27, 2017
pretty sure my mouth is shoe shaped —
and now for something that’s worth, emotionally, seven hundred million dollars… —

and now for something that’s worth, emotionally, seven hundred million dollars…

Thanks to one of Rob‘s posts, I remembered this, and thought, naturally, you might enjoy having your emotional bank account boosted with this compilation of one of my favourite tv characters. (The relevant part to his post starts at 1:57 and I am pretty darn sure that would be me at 3:08…)

You are more than welcome. Even if you have seen it a million times already, I know you want to see it again. And when I say ‘you’, I probably mean ‘I’, but humour me for a moment *giggle*

what I meant to say — February 26, 2017

what I meant to say

I’ve shared Steve’s work before, but if you missed it last time, check him out. I love his work. It’s unique and intriguing and beautiful. Plus, he’s funny. 🙂

inconstant light


Colors round the clock
and I await the pale hour,
cohesive integration.
I listen     beat     my heart     breathe     my breath,
call dullness meditation,
by contrast grey becomes another shadow.

pink anodic glows
I flew to other times in zones,
tinted suns, ascendant vectors,
daylight saving lost,
neon tubes with unequilibrated
electron swarms,
their flickering hypnotics in gaudy

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all to myself — February 20, 2017

all to myself

I started this draft a few days ago and I don’t know why I wrote that title but all I am thinking about now is a friend who is dying and I am so bad at goodbyes…please don’t make me say it

please don’t say it to me

and you can wax long and lyrical to me about how saying goodbye shows strength and blah blah but I don’t agree because we weren’t created to be parted I much prefer Wiedersehen

and then I remembered the time

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