In Amber – Howl Davies

don’t touch me

This wonderful poem

reminded me of this wonderful song, by one of the most remarkable poets, imho.

Nick Cave lost one of his teenage sons over a year ago. It was tragic, he fell from a cliff. I wondered at the time if something as catastrophically devastating as that would paralyse his art creating. But of course, I was wrong. We are talking about Nick Cave, after all…



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      Couldn’t have said it better myself! King of the macabre, and obscure, and then he throws in killer love songs too. Have you seen him live? He’s a master story teller, plain and simple! (Plus, he was in one of my favourite movies from years ago, Wim Wender’s ‘Wings of Desire’.)
      Haha have you seen the video of ‘babe I’m on fire’? Epic. 🙂

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