key change to the open end

heart breaking nuances

their tenderness slicing me painlessly

in new breathing segments

clarifying the hemispheric movement

that clogs my heart

and clears my eyes.


home through a new lens

that refracts key changed colours

a reunion with peace

as from a refreshing sleep

I can only dream about…



23 thoughts on “key change to the open end

      • The ones you unlock my dear. Well done I have watched your petey evolve and you are rising up my ranks of the esteemed. Not that that matters much, I’m just a humble man, but you are rocking it. Keep up the lovely work

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        • Thank you so much for your compliments!
          Some of it is about time for me too…I haven’t taken the time I should have sometimes, especially while we were on vacation and there were some things just bursting to get out, but I had trouble articulating it on the fly, so I decided to just let it out regardless, plus, it takes my brain a little longer to process things than so many of you talented WP artists… 🙂 and of course, WP is so inspiring. Iron does sharpen iron after all ❤

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        • You know Rob, that’s not the total truth I guess, and you are so honest about your journey right now… honestly, because of some griefs and traumas in my life, it really did affect my cognitive abilities. This blogging thing has literally helped to start the healing with that, and reconnect synapses, and create new ones…
          I have always enjoyed being creative, and then I went in to an incredibly deep and dark hole and wondered where I had gone. And where my voice and vocab and so much had gone…I feel I am re-learning a lot of things too. Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot!

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  1. Particularly drawn to the wonderful second verse – you are the kind of poet who throws me some lines and I just want to run to your door and ask “what’s this about, friend?”. But then if you were to ask the same thing of me…. I would probably have trouble answering as often I find myself somewhat zoned out when I write. Have a lovely day, VV! 🙂

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