larghettoed goodbye

Today I found out that one of our ex church members (she had moved away to another part of our region) was killed in a car accident while we were overseas.

I am in shock. And saddened. She was only in her 50s. She was driving a tractor and was hit by a semi.

She was an immigrant to our country years ago, from the Phillipines. There are many migrants in this area, enriching life here in ways a lot of city people are often surprised about. (But Australia is extremely citified, in that most of the population hugs the coast in our capital cities.)

I did not know her well, but in all of our encounters she was extremely generous. And me being the pastor’s wife, she was open with me about the struggles in her life the few times we did talk. To say that I am extremely grieved her life ended like this, is an understatement. And that I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to her at her memorial service…

And as my previous post reminded me how much I adore the soundtrack to this ground breaking movie I love, I thought I would share this extraordinary piece of music in her honour. I particularly love this version.

8 thoughts on “larghettoed goodbye

    1. Timere, what a lovely thing to say, thank you!
      And that is a part of my sadness, I wasn’t there for her nearly as much as I should have been.
      These tragedies are always a good reminder of the fragility of life.
      I so admire you for everything you are accomplishing after what you have been through! Keep it up, you are truly inspiring to others! ❤

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      1. My Beautiful Friend, for the last several years of torment and since being freed, I blamed myself for staying as long as I did, for not escaping and for not being there for Logan as I should have been. But slowly I am realizing that all the events of my life are like pieces of a mosaic made from shattered tiles to form a beautiful image. Your life IS a beautiful image with more to be added!

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        1. Oh Timere, your beautiful and true words are a timely reminder and balm right now as we have had more bad news about another friend who could be dying. Thank you so much!
          It truly pains me that you would blame yourself for your horrendous past too. I am beyond happy and relieved that you are coming out of that!

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          1. One thing I have learned through everything is that no matter what happens in life…Someone loves you! I would hug you, but the computer probably wouldn’t appreciate my chest pressed against it. But I do send you my hugs!

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