childhood (condensed)


tomboy in a tutu

achingly moltened by music

that conjures the swell

and spills you

my heartbeat craving to express

the unspeakable



of cascade four dimensional

electrodes through to terminal

sated by chords of complex clarity

translated without disparity

in a child’s


(The seed for this post was planted by Yassy. Thank you!)

14 thoughts on “childhood (condensed)

  1. She is the very essence of innocence. What grace, what elegance , what mobdblowing stance. She is poetry in motion and your poetry is her ballad for her ballet. Thank you my so so much for doing this. You just made my Sunday so so very special. Thank you. My love to this little bundle of wonder and joy.

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        1. It can be so much fun, especially with great parents who don’t care about such things, as I had. I had a twin brother and right from the start I could see we thought differently in some ways, but we never thought about the things we should or shouldn’t be doing because he was the boy and I was the girl. We learned from each other and it creates empathy. And you know, Australia in the 80s was a pretty macho culture. My brother is sensitive and loves art etc, wasn’t a sports fanatic, even though he’s athletic, it was hard for guys like that in teenage years. (we were teens in the 80s if that isn’t clear). But my parents never expected or pushed him to be “macho” at all. I feel like gender specific toys for little ones has become such an issue in recent years, it blows everything out of proportion imho. Perhaps just another symptom of affluence, I don’t know. We didn’t have the money for too many toys anyway, so we did and made what we wanted, right? Let kids be kids.
          I remember my shock getting to second grade and one of the boys said to me, hey, you are really good at maths for a girl. And I had no idea what he was talking about. Sad day. (Also, I really suck at maths now haha!)
          Thanks for your comments! ❤

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