I won’t lie, a really hard decision.

once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away… (conjured up in the way only music can)


this lullaby

worming through

my inner peace

back to you

outline distant

filled by haze

most revealing

undone by gaze

of yours intense

godlike you neared

your hand outstretched

my heart was speared

to closest wall

I could not move

your beauty stunned

my mind approved

while nodding no

I would not take

the welcome gift


from just one glance

your “gift” unneeded


a voice I heeded

my own in fact

from pains endured

no gift for me

moment un cured

because you stared

in disbelief

no one said no

to such a thief

of all young hearts

you backed away

our eyes were locked

nothing to say

we met all night

in our un meeting

my sorrow carved

in bliss so fleeting

the black of sky

lulled me to dreams

rooftop romance

just me and beams

starbeams, that is…





    1. Reply

      Thank you! Ugh, music is so powerful… suddenly I’m back at that party …i guess I’ll never forget, that gorgeous guy, how shocked he was when I didn’t take what was in his hand. He literally didn’t know what to say. But it was obvious neither of us wanted it to end there… it just did, he didn’t know what to say to me after that! And I was too shy. Ugh, so long ago! 😊
      Your comments always honour me! Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Reply

      I’m so happy you think so! Thank you!
      Memory is a fascinating thing, almost like a popup book, something’s obviously more prominent but only so because of the layers. I remember I really loved being alone on the roof in the end…

      Liked by 1 person

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