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VPS – vague peregrination scenario — March 31, 2017

VPS – vague peregrination scenario

A big thank you to another one of Christine Ray’s fine works, as a particular memory was triggered today.


Over twenty years ago, my husband and I were on our honeymoon.

I know. I have already shocked you in that first line. Or maybe I mean, me. I’m shocked.
Not just that we have been married for over twenty years. But because it wasn’t too long ago that life existed without GPS. And cell phones. And other BBD (blah blah devices).

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something (part two) —
“A Storm Was Coming But I Didn’t Feel Nothing” — March 30, 2017
it’s not hard to see — March 29, 2017

it’s not hard to see

So for those of you who don’t know, I am married to a pastor.

I could seriously write a book about what life has been like in the last 20+ years living this reality. The thing is, if I did, I would have to kill everyone first. Because changing names wouldn’t be enough.
I jest, of course!

But today, I was listening to one of my favourite mashups, and I felt the need to give a shoutout to our church families.

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silly ditty thingamajig for Kindra —
A Balloon Let Go —
friendship — March 28, 2017


friendship is simple. it’s also complex, but let’s ignore that.

it can be what we want it to be.
well, sometimes. there is such a thing as unrealistic expectations but that’s not what this post is about. this post is simple. this post will simply concentrate on the lovely simplicity of simple friendship.

take the friendship cats offer just as one example:

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abstinence —


Look what my talented new blogging friend did. Amazing what some people can do when you just toss a random word their way!

hands in the garden

A poem based on the word suggestion, “restore” from fellow WordPress blogger saynotoclowns. You can check out her page at Thank you for the suggestion and I hope you enjoy the composition. 🙂

abstiencemonth three, vice free

clarity restored:

insignificant and bored.

© Anthony Gorman 2017


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ropeless ring —
here’s the thing… — March 27, 2017
nothing to see here —

nothing to see here

David Ruston
floral art by David Ruston, flower arranging genius

I have to write!

Which begs a million tangents.

But I’m in my bath robe

and my house needs organising

and these papers need sorting

and there are dates disappearing

into forests of my mind that choke with unclearing.

And an artist has died, and the whole world should have cried

but it all goes on.

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something (part one) — March 26, 2017
out of time with the music — March 25, 2017
don’t let me bore you with my knowledge of New Zealand… — March 24, 2017

don’t let me bore you with my knowledge of New Zealand…

     (NB May be some coarse language…and I don’t mean when they quote Australians…)

I have yet to understand how our accents can be so different.

I watched a whole documentary once. On the plane. To New Zealand.

It answered not my questions. It was an hour long exercise in finding different ways to say

we have no idea

why the New Zealand accent is as it is.

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— March 23, 2017

I had lunch recently at the Organic Cafe in Stirling with my dear friend Melissa, for my birthday. The date will be indelibly marked in my mind now, as she made a comment on my About page when we were there.

One of the women in critical condition from the London terrorist attack works in this cafe, I found out today (I don’t know her personally). I have been going there for years. It’s an institution now in the Adelaide hills.

Of course, there’s so much we could all say, and debate and whatever. But I just wanted to listen to this. So I thought I would share it.

I love this piece of music. I bought it on cassette years ago, it moved my young heart so deeply. The cries from an anguished heart, that is something we can all relate to.


(I am not Catholic, but if you are interested, here is the context, and these are the words, in Polish of course:

“Movement 2 – Lento e largo – tranquillissimo
The second movement is based on a message found scrawled on a Gestapo prison cell wall in 1944 by an 18 year old girl Helena Wanda Blazusiakówna:
No, Mother, do not weep,
Most chaste Queen of Heaven
Help me always.
Hail Mary.
It is heralded by a radiant set of chords that has made the whole work famous, but then quickly darkens. Again, the theme is motherhood, but this time, the child calls out to the mother, both actual and spiritual.”

And if you would like even more context: Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)

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