music juxtapose me

I woke through my undersleeping

with a melody I can’t contain

the notes are soaring above me

and I’m weeping for the refrain

it’s lilting and hilly and claws me

with a magic that can’t be borne

and it wants to hold hands and push me

but I’m trembling to be left unshorn

for it’s stripping and stabbing and writhing

so tenderly beneath/above my skin

a cauldron of un precious memories

and others that long to begin

in dermisly challenged confusion

I’m not sure what layer’s been breached

and if it’s from out or the inside

my armour’s diagonally streaked

from this bleeding of unsingable sweetness

its  bitter side completes my mind’s eye

I can’t help thinking

this state of the middle

should rhyme with a word like ____

I can’t help thinking…



11 thoughts on “music juxtapose me

  1. a senryu comment
    please don’t think me a clown
    heartfelt words for you
    if i could find words
    to express just how i feel
    to change sad to joy
    staffs quavers not me
    music sounds a different tale
    soft lilting dulcet
    invokes memories
    all good provoking joy fun
    so dance free your soul
    let happiness rule
    refrains of pleasure employ
    life’s a blink to short
    hark the song of love
    unchanged for millennia
    turn up the volume
    listen to the words
    love will hear your heart pounding
    romance hear it sing
    words I found made me
    hear them whispered in your ear
    truth they worked for me
    forty eight years bliss
    true love whispered sang its song
    gave my wife me love
    did not find the words
    they were in me all the time
    love my gift now yours
    a cuppas calling
    respite a time to ponder
    true heartfelt wishes


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