grey’s end

the seismic shift

as you lift

from this world


the cosmic drift

as you slipped

from the swirl


memories knit

edited, clipped

from the furl


tears are tipped

heart is ripped

from the swell


it was time…




    1. Reply

      Candice, thank you!
      I am very sad. And I have very high regard for the person, but it was time for him to go. I just can’t believe it.
      Thank you for your always thoughtful comment xo

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      1. Reply

        Beautiful friend, so very sirry you’re experiencing this, i hate to think you were or are sad, but if you love someone, sadness is unavoidable and it says a lot about your good heart. I wish you healing, i care and support you my friend ♡♡

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          1. Reply

            You have me for keeps my friend that’s what friends do, they hold each other up and believe in each other, always know, many feel this way about you and believe in you even when you have doubts. xo

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