the flames…

shooting from the mirror

orange-ing my cornea,

engulfing visions of coin essenced gods:

one side indifference

flip side-

malevolent melodrama,

currency –




I need the One

who stands in the flames with me –

melting in my place.

Breathing the purple

into my lungs.


the Prodigy – Firestarter



image from


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    Good morning! So I attempted to read this last night when I was way overtired and my brain wasn’t ready for it. This is remarkable! I love the depth of meaning in the imagery linking to coins on the eyes and all that means. I keep reading this and uncovering new layers of meaning, which is always a great reward for writing. Wanting to go back again and again to see what is uncovered each time. Really wonderful poem, great depth, great imagery. Love it.

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    1. Reply

      Wow. I am so humbled by your words, thank you so much. And thank you for taking the time.
      I do like challenging myself to use brevity and layers. And I’ve learned how holistic writing poetry can be, how much your sub conscious is involved!
      I really appreciate your comment about the coins, its lovely getting insight into how it’s read. I confess, I did not think of that awesome thought (maybe sub consciously?!), I was particularly focussing on the fickle nature of many mythological gods and their lust for power etc contrasted with the unwavering love and mercy of Christ, who doesn’t demand of us, but stands in our place. Your thought adds a fantastic dimension, thank you.
      I’m also intrigued by the word ‘excrutiating’ and the ‘crux’ of the matter. It’s my understanding the word has its roots in Christ’s crucifixion, that no other word really existed to describe the agony. And the theological thought that His compassion literally flowed from His side, which is another conversation, that He pours His heart out for us.
      This song is also an old favourite ha! and inspired me. 🙂
      And thank you so much for your thoughtful comment!


      1. Reply

        You just defined the poetry zone, when you write something you didnt even know you wrote. Nonetheless, one reward of sharing my writing is giving the reader a chance to uncover things that maybe snuck in subconsciously.

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    1. Reply

      Hi. Thank you so much for your visit and comment, I really appreciate it!
      What moves me is the passion He has for us, which is what this is about. Confession, our brokenness, our helplessness in being unable to quit starting fires! Christ in the midst of it all with us, in our muck and mire, pursuing with love and mercy never ending. Faithful when I am so often not!!
      Any passion I have is only because of His. 🙂


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