out of time with the music

the way toddlers dance to the notes in between the way DNA composes the seams notes of divine harmony and unexplained dreams the reticent wavelengths shudder unseen at unanticipated syncopation

the pause in rotation

uncentering my core

unsettling the fore-

gone conclusion

that one day

my spirit

will settle down…

I got a heart full of rubber bands
that keep getting caught on things…



image from Pexels.com


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    I love this!!! I always called my kids drunken sailors when they dance, I love how you weave divinity/order with the insanity of kids, which none of us ever actually lose hehe

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      Isn’t it the cutest thing ever??!?! Music really does seem hard wired into us. Years ago I read about these studies where music therapists had “unwound” DNA and attached musical notes to each protein and then played the music…fascinating. In healthy people the music was harmonious. Their claim was that disease caused it to be discordant and that we could develop ways to diagnose disease based on this. But I haven’t kept up with all of that. I wonder if it went anywhere.

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        I would not be surprised at all. It seems, to me, that music is that very tie that binds. If you want to get to know someone, ask them to play music, you know? It’s a universal language.

        They started developing music purely to manage anxiety and it works really, really well. Marconi Union, Weightless helps me tremendously!

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    Fight it all the way Vanessa, never let your spirit become a foregone conclusion. What would we do with the drunken sailors then?

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