something (part two)


Midnight tunes

thought balloons

filled in, and

it’s coming around again.


misplaced clowns

haunted frowns

shaving paint

the mirror’s afloat again.


poignant eyes

bleed unlies

trip that thread

now what did they mean again?


If I had words I’d tell you

I don’t walk miles to let you know

you are near and so far

my most unimagined song.


I don’t climb but I see you

I don’t dig but I rest beneath

those salient words that you breathe

I’m drenched in unimagined air…


something (part one, revised)


    1. Reply

      Was it??!!! That’s fascinating.
      Haha hmmm well…it’s a great song, maybe it just says more about him than you, that he was a complex mess and consummate deceiver. Hope that helps lol. Don’t over think it!!!

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  1. Reply

    Midnight and fighting sleep has this effect Vanessa. My midnight is now about 9pm (or that’s when the hallucinations start.) You captured that feeling in this poem. Ps. Thanks for the Lemonheads track. I had forgotten about them.

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      1. Reply

        It is my pleasure, V. This week has presented challenges to me and I am eager to be back and attentive to this growing community of friends and support.

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