did you think

as the world spiralled by

in colours you couldn’t wear

and memories you couldn’t make?


did I think

that you would live forever?

And we could drop from the swirl

tomorrow at your door,

reminiscing autumned haze

we never shared.


The quietest breeze passed

before we could uncoil a sigh.

Your brilliant paintbox

mourned all the more

for the world’s unknowing.

(In honour of one of our church members who was a remarkable man. He was a quadriplegic who died suddenly today. I am truly saddened for not taking the time to know him better.)

10 thoughts on “what…

    • Stephen, thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I was completely caught off guard at how sad I am. I was planning to visit him the day after he arrived back in town by ambulance (he had been in the city) but he died that morning and I was devastated I hadn’t seen him, as it had been way too long. He had a brilliant mind, and out of all the shutins my husband visited regularly, he enjoyed conversing with him the most. Brilliant mind. Lovely person. It’s a huge loss for everyone. And thank you for commenting, I didn’t realise I needed to vent like this ❤

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