“Recluse” is a collaboration with Mick Talbot. The Haiku is written by Mick, I did the Prose..Thank you for the honor, Mick.

This is so amazing I want to eat it. But I thought maybe I’d share it instead. Ugh! Thanks Yassy and Mick. Divine.



I lean on my heart, feeling it slipping away into an oblivion of aloneness.
My eyes hold teardrops that want to drown me. My stomach is full of pain that i seem to have swallowed in my sleeping and waking hours. Sobs rise in my throat into a broken conversation.

nature, its wilderness consoles
aloneness the pain

Life is a curtain raiser. I parade my role, a labyrinth knotting my insides, then this unconditional comaraderie breaks into the lonesomeness of my spirit’s desolation.

nature your soul’s partner
harvest her rewards

Dawn breaks into the window of my soul, the cosmos senses my essence, my nuances blend into a telepathic epiphany, stirring peace into my quintessence. I evanesce, the scars on my psyche sparkle like gems..from the heart of a loner, an immortal verse…a meditation for tranquility

austere times
reclusive virtues play

Thank you Mick..

Our very…

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