It’s that time again…

that same time…always that exact time…1:27 am,
(although, yesterday, come to think of it, it was more like 11.30,
and then the night before it was 12.45,

and then, I think earlier in the week it was actually in the daytime, but it could have been 1.27pm, now I hadn’t thought of that, but I know it wasn’t 1.23 because I purposely don’t look at the clock at that time, and of course, there’s the whole 11.11 thing, which is another time I don’t look at the clock, because, well, it’s just begging you to, and I spent too many years being superstitious and I just don’t do that anymore.
(But if I am brutally honest, there are some things I refuse to say out loud because, well, Murphy. And now I am writing within a bracket within a bracket, which means I’m inviting you into some inner inner thoughts and I am actually rethinking that because well, now it’s 1:37am and I seriously should be getting some sleep.
And I have to allow time for this gorgeously, heart breakingly melancholic lullaby….))


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          haha exactly. I’m sure you can picture some of the conversations I might have with myself…
          And yes, actually, I didn’t even dream which is unusual for me. Ugh, that song…she really captures longing etc so perfectly, what a talent!
          Thanks for your comments ❤

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    Oh, wow. Powerful song, felt it right in my heart. This feels like it is sung from a place I once knew too well. Funny, a place I made somedays by not sharing what was most important, afraid of the meaning in my own words, afraid of the meaning of my words so it was easier to not find that place where someone knows who I am.

    But here I am, and through this process of blogging, finding my real voice again, connecting with real people virtually, I am finding these someones, these special someones who seem to know who I am, who seem to know me when I showed up, as if they had been waiting here for me.

    Thank you for this one, which I believe will be one of my favorite posts of the week, without question.

    Oh, and I thought of Chicago’s 25 or six to four.

    And the piano… the outro, wow, so beautiful. I am on listen three… and might you sneak in a song of the week into my playlist ahead of the one I had already chosen?

    Could I borrow this one from you?

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      Isn’t it gooooooooorgeous??? It was never released as a single, I believe, it was written for a musical which i haven’t seen.
      You’ve articulated that perfectly.
      And I believe I was waiting for you without even realising it! I never dreamed that blogging would be all that it has been.
      I don’t actually share all the sentiment of the song anymore, I mean there are always parts of my psyche that does get extremely baffled at times. But on a spiritual level, I am content with Who ultimately knows who I am 🙂
      I’ve only just got on here and haven’t checked out your playlist, and you are most welcome to do what you like with it! (And you must tell me more about your cafe ideas :))
      Thanks once again, for all of your commentary.
      (hehe I was actually chuckling pretty hard at myself when I first started writing this and was going to erase it, then I thought, what the heck, people might as well know just how easily amused I am!!! And I really did need a lullaby!)

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        I am glad you shared it, really glad. And very happy to have met you. I will have to explain later this week what this whole go dog go treetop cafe is all about… but you are a most welcome customer.

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