attenuating melancholic circumstances

You’re moving me.

Why can’t I find you?

In this picture of a thousand words,

you’re in between.

Trees hovering over water,

black with all colours,

shaped like open jaw

but at a loss for the words you’re in.

I watch mesmerised, waiting for sound stilled,

the moon

reaching for my hand,

I rise…


Hey! said the clown,

I can see your house from here…

part two




24 thoughts on “attenuating melancholic circumstances

    1. haha thanks Yassy…I was actually really moved when I finally started finding the poem, the trees looked amazing in the twilight, not to mention the rising moon. but then, my thoughts were a little overcome with some silliness… 🙂 ugh, such is how my mind works at times

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  1. Some wonderful analogy and reflection in both parts of this poem Vanessa. Why does the clown interject when we are accessing and writing certain thoughts. Are they there for our protection or just something we invent to lighten the mood? (while I was writing this my clown was shouting sausages).

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    1. Thank you, that’s kind! It’s hardly original but I was a little frustrated. And I think it’s both. I had let the clown dominate for too long, I guess you could say, then griefs were manifesting in physical ways because I hadn’t dealt them in a healthy way. I didn’t know how to, like a lot of people. Always easier said than done, right?!?!

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      1. I don’t think there is a right answer Vanessa and it is different for each of us. One of the things with writing is that it allows us to express our thoughts in a safe way, but it also takes us deeper into places we may be reluctant to go.


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