I was so sure it was spelt with an “i”

and the more I look at it,

the more I want it to be.

That apostrophe.

In a much more logical place

I would have told myself,

and logic got me through

when I was too tired to remember

(well, my logic. turns out that wasn’t objective…).

And speaking of logic,

there was more space to fill,

and I ran out of ideas,

I mean, how much is there to be said about one’s own appearance

when one doesn’t understand the task

in the first place?

In the second place,

one needs a great ending.

Is what I hope I was thinking

and not

where the heck are my eyebrows?

Somebody? Anybody?

I’ve never noticed this before.

Should I be worried?


I wasn’t broken

just a little tired.

Oh so tired…

15 thoughts on “profile

      1. I think it’s kind of a double negative, reminds a joke. Teacher: “In many languages a double negative is normal practice, but no language has a double positive.” Voice from back of classroom: “Yeah, right.”

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        1. Haha Is that one from your trusty legal team of ducks?
          Actually, I’d imagine it had more to do with that direct honesty…I probably started writing that I didn’t think I had eye brows, but then thought that wasn’t entirely true… I’m also guessing that was part of the exercise given, to use a negative. Whatever happened, I so enjoyed it all these years later.

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              1. Bachelor in Parrot, majoring in Galah. Their languages date back to pterodactyls, when the dinosaurs ruled the earth, all similar, so it’s easy to pick up a new one with a little help, which I had from a toucan friend.

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