lake bonney
the halfway sigh


He was right.
There was something exhaustibly hilarious about the situation. She just couldn’t remember what it was. After all, it had been a few days since the operation, and they assured her it would grow back.  But she was the anomaly, wasn’t she? Was that the funny part?

She looked over to the bucket of words but it was almost empty. She sighed. Her sighing normally turned things inside out beautifully, but not this time. This time she stopped half way.




  1. Reply

    Intriguing Vanessa. Was it ever there in the first place? Thank you for the introduction to Fugue. I am enjoying your flash fiction.

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    1. Reply

      Why thank you! I never planned to write short stories, but the other morning it just kind of popped into my head to do it and I really enjoy it. And leaving it open for interpretation.
      Your question is intriguing…

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      1. Reply

        It’s the detective in me Vanessa. Looking forward to reading more 🙂 (and don’t start with the ears thing again).

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