he had heard it all before.

all those longing rhymes. with door

revolving the cool.


the directing wants reversing

the spectres need rehearsing

he said. I can’t remember.

I just loved the music.



29 thoughts on “mnemonic

    1. Thanks Davy!
      I always appreciate these comments because I think it is intriguing what people get out of others’ work!
      I actually had a few things in mind…firstly though, when I listened to this song, how it took me back and reminded me of some movies I saw years ago. I don’t really remember them ha, but that I thought they were pretentious, and the way people would carry on about certain directors etc. but I really did love the music. So powerful. Got me thinking about the whole memory process once again and how my memory sucks… but it intrigues me that so much about memory is atmosphere. I am terrible with names and lyrics. The different tools that haven’t worked, and less likely things that did. And then the ageing process, and I think I am divulging too much. lol. (Plus, it was a bonus that the duo is actually called ‘the Rememberz’… )

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      1. I think it is down to the way our brains are wired Cynthia. I am terrible with names 🙂 but never forget a face once I have seen it. There is a link with music and memory and motivation due to the stimulation of connecting parts of the brain. I think that is why we get different things from poetry Vanessa as our brains have differing memory stores to access the meaning.

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            1. hahaha
              (actually, just for the record, I don’t have a middle name. Flower is the middle name given me by one of our nieces when she found out I didn’t have one. I was so moved by it, I have used it ever since. I hate to break your psychic bubble, but it’s not Cynthia. And I refuse to make a comment about psychotic. Maybe you could find a helpful book while you are here on Ebay 🙂 )

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                    1. You are dangling a carrot with ‘unrepeatable’ lol but it’s late here. (There’s also the issue that you said you were bad with names, so how do I know that you haven’t just forgotten your middle name? How will YOU know?)

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                    2. Are you an undercover detective Vanessa? Your interview technique has a hint of cunning. If I had a birth certificate I would check, but there is no record of me being born anywhere. (tries to put said detective off the trail).

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                    3. haha no of course not *cough. It is simply out of concern I ask. Of course, even more concerned now I know you weren’t born anywhere. Now that is a blog post!
                      (It is pretty amazing the skills you pick up being married to a pastor… 🙂 )

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                    4. I really enjoy your poetry Vanessa. I enjoy the challenge they bring as they are not always obvious at first reading, keeps the old detective skills sharpened 🙂

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                    5. I am so glad to hear that you enjoy it! Thank you. There are times when it’s not obvious to me either haha. But I love that about poetry, there are times I want to be clearly understood, and other times, I enjoy the layers and intrigue, and that it can be open for the reader as well. I don’t want to be so cryptic that it is just frustrating though…unless it is a short story…this could be a long conversation actually, and I have to go. But I have really enjoyed our chat. Thank you!

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  1. I enjoyed the mystery in this poem. Thanks for sharing. I love a good rhyme and the poem on my poetry blog here on WordPress is about rhyming in case you have time to look? Have a rhythmical weekend, Sam 

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