This manicured violence

that entertains our peace

weeping mystification

I long for relief

there’s no relief…

while you hear angels

plucking the strings behind
those aching memories

wrapped in the untearable

cellophane of your mind…


(this gorgeous song…all I can think of are families torn apart by war and violence…)

“stainache” part two

21 thoughts on ““stainache”

  1. Powerful words Vanessa. It sometimes feels like a double edged sword. The media manipulating these horrifying conflicts in order to keep viewing figures high, but at the same time keeping these images constantly in our minds so we don’t forget.

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    1. Yes, isn’t it?
      I was particularly struck last night, I was using my laptop in front of the tv while getting some therapy watching ‘the office’ 🙂 then afterwards a typical, overly violent crime show came on. And I just felt sick. When too many people are living a worse reality and that is entertainment for us. And the things we hear through our church networks as well, not just in the media. Ugh, it’s all so tragic.

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  2. Profound words – I would offer that this concept is one I would challenge all of us to feel. As one who took up a life of arms, it troubles me how modern society glorifies violence, making it a commodity to sell things that only serve to dumb us and numb us. We reap what we sow, I believe was written. Now we have a world that glorifies the gun more than the poem, but the poem which is “hard” to get would give our life a meaning that the gun which is too easy to get would quickly extinguish in a petty, thoughtless, drunk moment.

    Not as silly as your next post… but this one moves me.

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    1. Hi Steve. Thank you. I really appreciate your perspective.
      It’s short but I needed to write something. And this song so moves me. I’m so pleased you were moved, thank you for saying.
      There’s so much wrong…I’m so glad you completely got what I was trying to say. And when Hollywood actors call for gun control while making a gazillion dollars in movies that glorify gun violence…ugh…
      Heart breakingly irresponsible hypocrisy.

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  3. Hi, Vanessa! This is such a sad comment on the world and society isn’t it? Sometime I think it is better to live in a well regulated bubble without TV. I think knowing everything that is happening all over the world really contributes to our high level of anxiety because we get pumped with all this highly emotionally charged information and then get left with no way to really respond or help or release it from our system!

    I have cutback on the level of news (almost always bad, isn’t it?) so I can get a little more peace in my head! So great to see you on your visits to me!!

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    1. Yes, indeed Charles. I think there is definitely a growing sense of all of that, and our helplessness politically. I hardly pay attention to the news anymore, but of course, our church contacts around the world keep us filled in on greatest needs. So many unsung heroes, which is what I like to concentrate on, lots of amazing things, including the simplest kindnesses that can go a long way. It’s easy to forget the importance of those.
      Thanks so much for the comment!

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