I’m not sure what this is…

So while I was pondering what exercise I could do to work off the crazy amount of food I have eaten today (I blame the weather. It suddenly turned cold like autumn, after unseasonably warm weather, like autumn. But now it’s cold, like autumn), I found this.

This took me back to memories I am sure I have somewhere. And the time travelling was exhausting, to say the least. Not to mention the memories of always going everywhere on skates. So, considering this song is over three minutes long, I’m checking the exercise box off my list for today. Take that gym bitc junkies!

PS And yes, the disco ball is still in my kitchen. That thing ain’t going anywhere.
Have we had that conversation?


            1. Reply

              don’t even try. it cannot be contained. I repeat. do not contain the mullet.
              and i can’t believe that guy stole my hair flicking moves. you should practise those. i’ll let you use them.

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                    1. How did I miss this comment? I think you win the internet today. Well, apart from your awesome poetry being a good reason as well…let me know when you get those shirts printed.

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  1. Reply

    I still buy my tracksuits from that store Vanessa. If you watch it three times does that count as you daily 10 minutes? Thanks for the smile 🙂

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          1. Reply

            I like this kind of exercise Vanessa, it’s win win. That’s room for a bottle of Malbec / Merlot. I do hope I’ve got them in the right order !!!!!

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