(Today, while inspired by the wonderfully creative and philosophical mind of Aurora, once again, Threadbare, that’s me myself and me all over again I was reminded of this. And check out her blog, too, if you haven’t.)


Confused by the vapid voices of renewal

because it surely wasn’t her heart

that languided out of the new year cake

they did used to jump she recalled

she thought it was time to do something.

something had to be done with this pile

of the unsaid.

She searched for that wisdom folder

the one they’d all spilt wine on at the new year’s eve party.

how they laughed. such a good night

but now it was nowhere.

She wondered if she should rake through

those coals over there.

some were still smoldering.

Melancholied by the cold

she had a better idea.

As she cast the pile onto her knitting needles

she was struck by how colourful it was…