O…Here Flies Her

Oh my goodness, how I love this…

Poet Girl Em

Very carefully

he stepped on the ladder in a display of unbridled uncertainty

in reach of the divine dangling overhead like a jeweled crown

twinkling truth in morse code (he never did learn)

remaining a mystery that he would never solve

like her

the earthbound fearless lover deathly afraid of heights

who can dream bigger than the sky

but never dares

to fly

…there is always some boulder in the path

he won’t climb

some barrier blocking access

he won’t destroy

despite his strength (that he never has used)

wilting chances eroded by time

fruit of opportunity spoiled on the vine

o…here flies her

within grasp but for one step

one more step

how it must feel to see her so close away

so very away

so near

and her

the one that stands out by trying to blend in

because she can’t 


when all the other stars shine, she…

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    1. Reply

      It deserves to be shared everywhere!! Profound and magically beautiful. I love it. And it gripped me from that first great line, which also made me giggle. Such a perfect description of a lot of people…I know I display unbridled uncertainty… 😀

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      1. Reply

        Haha, yes…not an uncommon human trait! 😄 Thank you, Vanessa! I was telling S that I wished the best stuff didn’t have to come late night on the cusp of sleep, it’s exhausting. 🙃


        1. Reply

          I agree! Last night was the first time I got to bed before 2, I just had to make myself because I have been so tired lately. My husband was also getting a little worried…I am going to have to figure out a different time.
          I wish you luck with that too!! 🙂

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    2. Reply

      I am just gonna give a bonus shout out to Em on this one, here where the clowns fear to tread, but this poem is really f’in awesome.

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