lagged at jet speed (take two)

it’s always the same,

the way time travels through

my state of wellness, slow motioned

behind my lightening thirst for sensical,

my cells’ disarrayed dismay –

begging for meaningful placement

in the shadow

of this storeyed tattoo.





  1. Reply

    I like this, the way the expected word order is disarrayed and sort of messes with the head as expressed.

    And whoa… Liam sounds like his dad.

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  2. Reply

    I agree with Mr. S a mind altering piece Vanessa. There are so many thoughts coming from this. I read it from the bottom line back, as well as from top down and my head has forgotten where my body has gone. Was this intentional?

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    1. Reply

      Thanks Davy! I am glad you got different things out of it, because so much happens in the travelling, and I did try to portray that. The title kind of sums it up I guess. Being jet sped to a state of lag. The spiritual and emotional, as well as the physical, effects of going so fast across hemispheres, as well as dealing with the personal of having loved ones in different places. Everything is disturbed and trying to arrange things again with the reality of indelible marks that go through layers and “storeys”. All the different things that make us who we are, and making sense of it etc. I guess that was the long answer to your question 🙂

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      1. Reply

        Thank you Vanessa. It came across very strongly in the poem, the separation of mind and body.

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