here’s the thing…

I have some health issues that need tending to, and like a lot of people, it has been easy to neglect taking care of myself for a while now.
But I really have to.
So I am not going to be stalking all of you beloved WP talents as much as I normally would.Β And that’s A LOT. And I have done it unapologetically, because, quite frankly, you are amazing. And inspiring. And I cannot put into words how you have enhanced my life. So, thank you. From the deepest, and sometimes, weirdest, recesses of my heart πŸ˜›

I need to be spending some serious time “dancing” with my in-the-flesh life. I am trying to live by these wise guidelines, and I thought I would share them πŸ˜‰

Prear's wedding Easter Sunday.jpg

I will still be around, just not as much.

And this song goes here because, well, I love it.

Oh and this.
Let’s dance. xo


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    totally understand the need to take care of self first, and I want to say my thoughts will be with you, Vanessa be good to yourself and take care, I will miss the constant check in with my blog you have become more than just another writer I read, you have become a beautiful soul to know, I am here, always if you need someone to just be silly with whatever. Hugs and warm wishes!

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    Take care Vanessa and keep that sense of humour sharpened. Any dose of it is always welcomed, as well as the excellent musings and poetry πŸ™‚


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    Well my beautiful friend, I have only followed and few people here you you are one, and one that will be sorely missed.
    You are a breath of sweet lovely air that I adore breathing. There aren’t too many here like you, trust me, I know.
    Take the best of care of yourself, for you and those that love you.
    Like us.❀️❀️

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      Aurora, your lovely, generous words mean so much to me, I hope you know that! I so admire you, I take that to be the highest compliment coming from you. And I am not disappearing completely. ❀ I mean, it's impossible not to create once you start πŸ™‚ and impossible not to read some of you incredible people.
      Stay in touch xo

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