inversely stack shaped (take two)

An old one, but a favourite. And I’m feeling a little old today.



I always thought
I could stack up my regrets
and one day

I’d dig out that really helpful ‘ten steps to freaking whatever’ instruction manual

and while holding it in one hand
kick the stack over

into the wind.

What a gorgeous day…
this self sufficiency shit really works.

But that’s my parallel universe.

I so love it there.

I ponder it
from the bottom of this deep hole my regrets
have dug…



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    BTW my new friend, I hope you realize you are FAR from an average writer, you are a gifted poet though yo may not know it yet. This is exquisitely written. xo

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  2. Reply

    Vanessa, stop feeling a little old today. Did that work? Keep showing us your parallel universe, there is some wonderful poetry in there.

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  3. Reply

    Stack up regrets and topple them over
    Put them in the hole, and sing them a dirge
    Mock them as they eat the dirt you throw on them

    You are amazing.

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    1. Reply

      I love your advice!
      But first I will look at the ones I can learn from…then I’ll bury them with glee. Maybe you could play a dirge on the recorder in the background. haha I could not finish that thought without laughing.

      And my goodness, thank you!! I think the same of you!

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