it was her

Every way she listened, there were endings.
This weight of pretense had to be shifted.
It was time to chord change them out of the cliché, and even though his music always made her dance, his shadows were not hers.

So she did what he didn’t expect. She brought the pig’s heart.
And they drank the wine…


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      Hi Steve…I read in the comments that his father died of a heart attack, and so he was worried he would too…hence the pig’s heart…I love that.
      All the things that cause our hearts to stop and break etc…

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      1. Reply

        Wow, that is a profound turn, the song is quite pretty. An aussie band?


        1. Reply

          She doesn’t want it to end. But they won’t stop drinking the wine either. Both things, amongst others, should be employed in the healing of the heart and relationship 😀 (well that’s if you ignore the ethical discussions of using a pig’s heart…)
          No, they’re English.

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