life and death issues. mainly life. except when they’re about death. which is also life. maybe life/death

I was planning to write the best poem in the history of the known universe tonight, naturally, right? {*life goals*. This point made even more credible and significant by these squiggly brackets.}
Then I started drinking this rum and coke and it seems the poem fell into the glass {because, where else would it be?}
I thought I could drink down to it. Turns out, I am still kind of naive about a few things…

Oh, and I have been preoccupied thinking about a funeral my husband will be conducting tomorrow, for a popular member of this community, who was only 20.
(He was on his dirt bike, competing, when his bike stalled, mid air.)
It’s going to be a huge funeral.

There’s a lot going on right now, it seems (- Captain Obvious.)
So I did what any normal human would do when slapped in the face with all angles sharpened on profundity: I started going through my Facebook page.
I’m not on there as much as I used to be, and it was delightful to find this post. I thought I would share it. Because, there are some amazing people in this world. I am beyond grateful that I know some of them.  And is there a greater gift than people who just get you? And that we are all in this together?

’13 August 2016 ·
Is beginning to wonder about my reputation …last night as I arrived at our church quiz night, and at our Monday evening bible study, the first thing I hear is, “You’re here! We didn’t want to start drinking till you got here…” (Wait, did I say I was worried about my reputation…that moment has passed 😉 )’



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    whenever I stop here, it feels like I have come to talk to a friend that is so dear to my heart. You are funny and smart! and full of wisdom that it seems being with you will rub off something good on me. So I sit and I read on and at the end I get up feeling better with myself. You have power with words my dear. This was hilarious as well as so comforting, Shows how amazing a person you are, even the drinks waited! Lovely post, better than a poem! And about that funeral, it made me think of my nephew, we buried him at 16, motorbike accident, my family has been touched with so much tragedy, know what, always in May, this among other things has left me very heavy burdened, but reading this made me cheer up a bit, sorry for the ramble!

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      Gina, you words are too kind!! Really. I don’t know what to say, except, thank you!
      And I am beyond happy if this helped you in any way. I am sorry to hear about your nephew, and that your family has dealt with so much grief. And please don’t apologise, you are not rambling. It’s important to share those things! I’ll have a drink to you and your lovely friendship ❤

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    […] on repeat in my head since Friday, it was the recessional song for young Tyler’s funeral life and death issues… That whole experience was incredibly moving. We hadn’t been in touch for a while as he had […]


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