it poemed through your death…


…the colour from her dream

it drained right through dimensions

the syntax and the stream

euphonious not to mourners

the notes unveiled in grief

but heaven writes the harmonies

and descants of relief

a young life filled with purpose

and at peace with what was granted

the air broke into sombre tears

and drenched our hearts enchanted

our thoughts fragmented bloodlessly

were washed and torn united

we shared the pieces silently

a mosaic of love requited

We will never be the same again

for all the death we’ve seen

my heart is full of unexplained

it bows to deeds unseen…


(I have always loved this song…now it’s on repeat in my head since Friday, it was the recessional song for young Tyler’s funeral. That whole experience was incredibly moving. We hadn’t been in touch for a while as he had moved away. But we truly had no idea how many people he had touched with his loving, compassionate, fun filled ways. His Dad shared the story that a couple of weeks before his accident, his girlfriend had a dream that he died. She was, of course, really upset by it and discussed it with Tyler. Being the mature 20 year old that he was, he talked about what he would want if it actually happened. One of the things that came out was that he wanted to be an organ donor. So as of that morning, his Dad informed everyone during his tribute, that two men had been saved by his kidneys. Darrin and I believe that dream was heaven sent.
So many ordinary, unsung heroes.
(It was played on repeat as 1500 of us walked with the coffin up to the cemetery. Oh my gosh…I will never forget it.
Then there’s that very unordinary Hero who keeps amazing me with His mysterious ways…)

16 thoughts on “it poemed through your death…

  1. thank you for sharing your heart Vanessa and this young man’s dream, he was wise beyond his years, and what’s that saying the good leave us early? No amount of tears or words of consolation will be enough but that one fact stands out, out of selfishness a new story can start. Hope of one heart becomes reality, through another life lived joyously till the end. I loved your poem, this I will write in my journal tonight to remember to honour every life and to remember the sweetest person who wrote it.

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