you’ve got a good heart.
I hope you’ll die in a car accident some day
so I can have it”.

He sat taking notes.

Why wouldn’t she stop laughing?
It was annoying, and he was sure it was somehow drying up the ink in his pen.

He wondered about her heart. Would he want hers?


(Quote by Jenna on ’30 Rock’)



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    feel like it’s a moment when someone you care about hurts you and you can’t say mean things to them, but you are honest and the honesty is hidden between your words. few lines V but what a story. I am always impressed at your story telling gift and depth.

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    1. Reply

      Thanks so much Gina!! That means a lot!
      I love the ambiguity of this kind of writing, I love the power of things unsaid just for the fun of imagination…I mean, did she quote that to someone or where they watching 30 Rock together. Why was he taking notes? The power of laughter…
      Was he even human? hehe I really enjoy this, can you tell? 😉

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      1. Reply

        yes I can tell! and you do it really nicely. I too like to write with ambiguity and most time my stories have an open end. lots to imagine from reading your writing and I like that!

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    1. Reply

      You mean more like, “if you die…then I can have it?”
      The way Jenna said it, oh my gosh, I laughed so hard…
      you make me laugh, I love your humour! 🙂

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    I find this one to be a totally fun piece, one that really speaks well of your humor. So many different ways, but really, you just want to laugh at the situation and lay over it the most absurd things!

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        1. Reply

          And of course, you know there is a serious undertone…I’m just trying to figure them all out right now…and I ask myself, do I really want to analyse my sub conscious today? hahaha

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