the eleventh hour

It’s 11 pm. So technically

we’re going into the twelfth hour.

Except it’s almost midnight.

So it’s the 24th hour.

And that gets me reeling.

Why is it so hard for me to count past 12

and go backwards at the same time?


And I always seem to think

of the right thing to say

or anything to say

or nothing to say

at the 27th hour.

That’s the magic time

my foot comes out of my mouth.


My most honed skill appearing

at the 33rd hour.

Which is also the holy crap hour.

That skill being

the complete evaporation

of the 27th hour.


I know. This is a skill

you can’t touch.



  1. Reply

    This was wonderful. I have those hours too, one I had a 78th hour and slept a million hours afterward. Lol
    I have a poem of this title, completely diffferent subject matter, haha

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    1. Reply

      Thank you!
      hahaha wow that was one powerful 78th hour you obviously needed!
      Oh the eleventh hour, the things said or unsaid, the things done or not done…blah blah. It obviously got me thinking. Time is a weird thing…


  2. Reply

    What a skill to have Vanessa. How many hours did it take you to perfect it? Can you work it out whilst walking backwards? For some reason this excellent poem has me thinking of what eternity looks and feels like.

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    1. Reply

      You know, I think I was born with it! 🙂
      And thank you for the compliment!
      Your comment is interesting…I was pondering about inter dimensional stuff etc. How strange time is. How time isn’t even consistent through the universe. (And then I remembered the way CS Lewis attempted to explain God and time, being like an author…the author controlling the time line in the story which the author is out side of. But that’s not in there, I just got sidetracked of course.) But it did start out just with me wondering about those times of the night we come up with answers… or don’t… hehe

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  3. Reply

    I can relate. I almost always think of the perfect thing to say 27 hours after I should’ve said it.

    I love the journey you take us on. The 33rd hour evaporating the 27th hour was a wonderful touch.

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    1. Reply

      Thank you! I love that you loved the journey!
      I suspect there are a lot of people who could relate, awfully frustrating isn’t it? Plus, I do laugh at myself rather easily. And that song. I love it. Still makes me laugh after all these years. 😀


  4. Reply

    Vanessa, very much like the whimsical concepts including the idea of vaporising the earlier time, as well as the mystery of whether the times are real or fantastical ❤ .

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