the deafening…




of the mirror falling

breaking into shards of rain


The welcome filling

of  unwelcome cracks

in the halls of the criminally sane.


The midnighting of light

and the folding of the fan of every colour

into its resting place


the praying of the weary

the relief in flowing tears, theres no grieving

for the mirror’s freak showed face.


photo credit: Alex Voigt

50 thoughts on “the deafening…

    • Thanks so much AP!
      The relief in the refreshing rain, and the new perspective. Hopefully. 🙂
      I was also pondering too much about how jaded I am about our political processes, how broken they have been for so long!
      the parts we all play in society.
      But I don’t believe in giving too much power to introspection either, I mean, it’s important, to evaluate and take responsibility and make improvements, or to understand our motivations etc. When we get lost in there, though, it can lead to despair or flip side, self righteousness. And of course, my view is of a person of faith so I believe in the power and healing of looking out to a greater reality, one outside human frailty.
      And to friends and loved ones as the better mirrors imho, people who care and are hopefully honest and helpful! haha
      Ugh, I’m tired. I think I am starting to ramble.
      Hope you’re well!

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