the deafening…




of the mirror falling

breaking into shards of rain


The welcome filling

of  unwelcome cracks

in the halls of the criminally sane.


The midnighting of light

and the folding of the fan of every colour

into its resting place


the praying of the weary

the relief in flowing tears, theres no grieving

for the mirror’s freak showed face.


photo credit: Alex Voigt

50 thoughts on “the deafening…

  1. Ward Clever says:

    The mirror shows you what you are. Your mind shows you what you think you are.
    Wow, that was a serious comment, so here’s a smiley face 🙂

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      How dare you be serious like that. You know I hate it. The smiley face helps a lot 😉
      Yes, very well acquainted with that. I’m sure most people who like to write would be. Could be an interesting conversation!
      I’m of the opinion that too much introspection is unhealthy, it is a relief to get away from the mirror, well, a particular kind.
      I had a lot of questions when I wrote this…can’t remember all of them now, should probably read it again 🙂

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      1. Ward Clever says:

        There are some people who would say there is no such thing as too much introspection. I’m starting to think they may be right.


            1. saynotoclowns says:

              Yes, I think it is important to have them both, absolutely! Introspection is most effective if it incorporates the outside input. The prayers of the weary and the relief of realising again that the answers aren’t always just in the singular mirror gazing.

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      1. Ward Clever says:

        Thats why there are so many flipped pictures of people. They don’t realize they’re flipped because that’s what they see when they look in the mirror.


          1. Ward Clever says:

            When I see pictures of someone I haven’t met in real life, I always try to discern whether it’s a true or mirror image.


                    1. saynotoclowns says:

                      Gosh, I must be surrounded by really smart people. It must be the water or something. Or maybe I will be asking different questions to them from now on…
                      It’s late here. thanks for the chat 🙂

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    1. saynotoclowns says:

      Thanks so much AP!
      The relief in the refreshing rain, and the new perspective. Hopefully. 🙂
      I was also pondering too much about how jaded I am about our political processes, how broken they have been for so long!
      the parts we all play in society.
      But I don’t believe in giving too much power to introspection either, I mean, it’s important, to evaluate and take responsibility and make improvements, or to understand our motivations etc. When we get lost in there, though, it can lead to despair or flip side, self righteousness. And of course, my view is of a person of faith so I believe in the power and healing of looking out to a greater reality, one outside human frailty.
      And to friends and loved ones as the better mirrors imho, people who care and are hopefully honest and helpful! haha
      Ugh, I’m tired. I think I am starting to ramble.
      Hope you’re well!

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