midnight genuflects,

introvert dreams revealed by

moon’s silent sculpting





18 thoughts on “midnight

    1. Yes, we are really fortunate, the night sky here is phenomenal. Being away from a city always helps of course 🙂 And it really is true, we have seen more insanely beautiful sunsets here than anywhere else we have been. Sunrises, well, I am not a morning person, so I take people’s word for that one…I’m sure they are beautiful lol.

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      1. I am partial to sunsets too, but in the suburbs they’re hard to see around all the wires and posts and trees. I lived in Colorado and those sunrises and sunsets were amazing at 10000 feet. I would get up for a sunrise if I had a good view of it and some coffee, lol.


        1. Yes, we got into the mountains as often as we could when we lived there. We still have some undeveloped property along the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Mtns. And the air is just so crisp and clear, I love it. And I confess, I may have caught one or two sunrises in my time… hehe

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          1. Me too… but if you’re like me, it was because you were still up, not because you got up, lol. I remember how clean and crisp everything smelled in the mountains.

            Oh, I just heard that there’s a wildfire on Breckenridge Peak 7!


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