the uncoiling…

that disturbs


the confusing

of resiling


those playful mobiles

above my head’s


of thought.

how adorable.

(Or, something profane. I forget which.)


their petrifying –

the timbres compound,


original intent,

no harm

was ever meant,

but you know I have to duck

circumstance demands I pluck

the searing missiles

from my psyche.





      1. Reply

        Being attacked by a migraine, I’m glad we’re all not in that together


              1. Reply

                lol they’re much worse than what chocolate can do. I can’t see, I go numb in places and I can’t think. The pain is unbearable and I vomit. lol I need a prescription med to help. Or a shot in my behind. Either or


    1. Reply

      You are too kind, really.
      Thanks for taking the time and visiting. I’m not on here as much as I used to be, but I do enjoy the interaction.
      And I am beyond happy and amazed if this inspires! 🙂


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