you pulled away


you pulled away

the footsteps coiling around my neck.

a gentleness bled

into prints excoriated


the first rains crawling

along droughted river beds

shoe shaped cracks that choke


my heart swept up

into Your dark embrace

the Darkness beyond human myopia


seen only through the lens

of tears given Divine

You reached through dimensions

of suffering, the kind


that decodes DNA

and breathes, reanimates


Eye to eye

Heart to heart

humility scorned

now plays the part…




Photo credit: my husband

23 thoughts on “you pulled away

  1. Your husband 🙂
    The kind that decides DNA,
    I understand that kind of sentiment and expression. Sometimes literal words aren’t enough and when we describe something in metaphor or analogy it hits in exactly the right place

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    1. Hi!
      This is actually a beautiful misunderstanding that I take responsibility for. I mean the actual photo credit of the featured image goes to my husband. I love your words though.
      I was actually speaking spiritually. He was the first one to take me seriously with my issues, but it was also through others that I got to understand everything better as well.
      I was incredibly moved last night by some things and I was a little overwhelmed with this gratitude I was feeling for my spiritual healing, so sorry hubby, I was actually referring to Christ. But it’s poetry, you can read it however you like, and the way you read it, is so lovely! ❤

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    2. haha I can be so dumb as well, in case you hadn’t noticed…completely forgot about our chat about his genetic studies hahahaha it’s clearly in my sub conscious. You are so smart to make that connection… can you hear/see me rolling my eyes at myself LOL. (capital letters makes it legit 🙂 )

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      1. Well hell. Lol this is mass confusion all around.
        I’m much more simple than you give me credit for . That’s why I adore you so much.

        I was giggling a little when you said your husband in reference to the photo rather than his name and then relationship. I liked it and it made me smile.
        As far as who it was about, I wasn’t making any assumptions just about the way you did it and that particular line I love. Decoding DNA. (My keyboard capitalized it though not me 😦 lol) it was metaphorical to me.

        However, since you mentioned it was about Christ maybe it was meant more literally that I even knew. Haha 🙂 ❤️

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        1. hahaha well maybe we can meet in the middle of our own perceived simple-ness.
          I have to say, I enjoy the confusion! I am actually laughing out loud.
          And short answer, it was literal and metaphorical 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Brian. I really appreciate that you like them!
      I relate to her psychosis. What I went through was utterly terrifying and would not wish it on anyone. The relief of healing is truly profound.
      (Plus, I love this song. She is extraordinarily talented imho.)

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    1. Thanks Steve!
      It was a very dark time for me.
      I was just feeling particularly grateful when I wrote this. I really thought this wouldn’t come out when I started my blog, but it’s been under the surface more recently, so we will see.
      How are you lately? Get a chance to relax on weekends?

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      1. You’re very welcome, Vanessa. Yes the darkness came across, and also light which I meant to indicate with the moon emoji thingy but didn’t really. 😜 Not much time to relax, and I’m going to be honesto: although I enjoy it, *blog takes too much time* ⏳

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        1. No it did. I got it, thanks 🙂

          Yes, it does, doesn’t it? I have cut my time way back, and I think I enjoy it more now for that reason. But I like having time for other things obviously, like watching Shaun the Sheep, one of our favourite shows 🙂

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  2. Hi Vanessa, Very nice! I hate pulling away. It says so much without saying a word. Another example of a silent action speaking volumes!!!

    Dear Vanessa, I now have to thank you so much and tell you that I am so indebted to you for writing this!! You hit a topic that has been simmering in me for over forty years and as a result of your piece it finally came to life! I only got as far as the first two lines of this comment before I was forced to write what ended up as two pieces.

    Thank You so much for the seed of inspiration and the 40 year Nudge!

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    1. Wow Chuck. How very interesting!! It’s amazing how inspiration works.
      In regards to this particular poem, the pulling away was actually a good thing, a spiritual thing, divine intervention if you will, saving me from something that was seriously messing with me…choking and suffocating me.
      I must have a look at your work, have you published those two pieces already?
      Thank you for your comments.

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      1. Yes, inspiration can be quirky sometimes. Someone sees something completely different than the original intent. Like what happened here. I loved it. Such a thrill to get a seed of inspiration and have it blossom into a new poem.

        I have not published this. I sent it to you via email.

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