He knew it.

This would be the place. The place at the end of the wrong road. And somehow, it was exactly how he pictured it. It looked just like the other fork where he made the wrong turn.

His favourite music particles flew past in perfect, mesmerising harmony with his non astonished gaze, landing at his feet. Forming those pages. He just wished he could remember which was the wrong page turn.


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  1. Sounds like he’s made a wrong turn for the second time, but only had two choices, both wrong. He was on the wrong page in the first place, I suppose, so every choice is wrong.

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    1. But it is about definition really though, isn’t it? I mean, the mischievous part of me was going to write at the end, he wished he could remember the wrong turn so he could take it again… hehe I was so tired when I wrote this lol. but it made me think about what makes a decision wrong and what motivates our next decision and etc etc.

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  2. An excellent thought provoking piece of writing Vanessa. I wonder who decides what is a right turn and what is a wrong turn? Sometimes we spend our lives being told we are going down the wrong road but somehow manage to get to where we need to be. Great song as well.

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              1. I picked the name for its connection to literature. Swift invented the name in a poem by mixing and rearranging parts of a woman’s name. I liked the idea of her name being the work of a great poet and writer. I was gonna go with a weird name but thought lemme meet in the middle and have something born of creativity but yet not make her feel alienated and strange.

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                1. I love that! I love the thought process.
                  I had read that years ago, and then I also read that it had ancient origins and it means Butterfly! Holy cow, what a dilemma. I don’t think I ever researched it further because I loved the butterfly thing and it suits me. lol.

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