book recommendation. maybe.

This discomfort is exhausting.
The fire won’t start.
Naturally, I blow on the embers, like every cool firestarter who knows exactly what they are doing…

Remember our shared cigarette? (Share is a strong word.)  Maybe not. I probably asked you for another one. (That was you, right?) And who drank my rum and coke? Seriously. It was full just now… Yes, the designated driver is actually me. And no, I have a car full. And when I say car full, I mean theobviouslylegalnumberofaboutteninasedanofthiscalibre… Well, at this point, there is no one in the boot. I am kiddi… Really? Should I stop to check on you, you know, to see if you’re dead?
I mean,
not dead?

I am so glad you lived, by the way.
all my friends are dead

If you are looking for a book to read, I cannot recommend this highly enough.


15 thoughts on “book recommendation. maybe.

  1. xencyder says:

    I love this book. However there are times I feel this title is literal about myself which is why I picked it up in a store and read it through while in the store. 🙂
    You’re wonderful ❤️

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  2. Great track and a excellent post Vanessa. Your posts always give my brain a good workout. If you want to get more people in the car, the glove box is always worth a try, but you have to take the toffees out first.

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