journalled scars

He tenderly reads, 


these slicing s i g h s,

He stitches and breathes, 


my anguished cries,

He bleeds and bleeds He, 

soul’s Sabbath


e x h a l e




    1. Hi! Thanks so much for reading, and commenting. 🙂
      (Musically, this is one of my favourite parts of LOTR. I also love the music for Gandalf’s Lament. I wanted to find a clip that didn’t actually show the movie, and my gosh, this voice…holy moly. Plus, I love that you can still hear, “there’s nothing for you here, only death…”)

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          1. I remember hearing it as a cry for help, and gratitude, longing and love expressed to the person who did help. Of course, as I discovered later, the song was about these things, but not a romantic love at all.

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              1. They still played music back then, but were starting to do reality like Road Rules.
                I lived up in Summit County in Silverthorne. My back patio overlooked I 70 and Lake Dillon


                1. Yes I remember. I was referring to those reality shows…wow, so long ago. How did that happen?
                  Nice. I really do miss the mountains. I miss going through the tunnel to a whole different weather scenario haha


                  1. Yes! Eisenhower Tunnel! Very interesting contrast. When I first moved there I stopped at my brother’s apartment in Aurora. It was 75 out. We had shorts and t-shirts on, sitting outside. The next day it snowed, and I drove to Silverthorne in a blizzard. It was September 14th, lol. Crazy welcome to Colorado.

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                    1. hahahaaaa yessir. Oh the times we would be in the sun and shoot through and literally screech to a halt on the other side in an ice storm or something. I remember a cocky cop flying past in his SUV in the worst weather and further along he had skidded off the road into a snow bank. Fortunately, he was okay. And no one else got hurt.
                      And no, he was not pursuing us…hehe


    1. Thanks so much Dennis. I never expect anyone to read my spiritual pieces much, I just write them because I have to and I need to and they do bleed out. It means so much to me you like it. Thank you! ❤


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