“everything is here, wish you were beautiful”

signed, unlikely person.

being, one of our church members. years ago. on a rare holiday.
how I laughed!
I was always so moved when that happened. Who's thinking of their pastor
and his wife when they are off having the time of their lives? 
I treasure it all.

all these years I have said I should write a book. but really, it would 
be more like a treasure map.
a treasure map to when you were here. or me, there.
to being whole, or not.
because, what else is it all about? 
all of the heres.




8 thoughts on ““everything is here, wish you were beautiful”

    1. Did he like it too, or it’s something you used for grieving?
      I was listening to some Bowie and this came up. I hadn’t heard it in so long. And this video intrigues me. And the reason for the song being written in the first place. I just needed to hear it.


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