Fiction, Poetry


through her mind's thesaurus
she searched for other words for her wrists, singed
her edges smouldering, smoke fringed
internal edges, that is.

Scrambling through the messages in his eyes
he finds the one he wants to send her, hopefully
she'll read it without doubt, earnestly
not doubting him, that is.

The other he, she should be doubting
he holds that glass, sun's rays re routing
to warm her, that is

what he's always told her...


33 thoughts on “Scrambling…

  1. I’m showing up here for some friendly banter, or a little word sparring. I’m in the red corner with some oversized gloves on … air jabbing, trying to impress you with my moves. Just like you impress me with your WORDS 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

hi. friendly banter is always welcome.

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